Oxygen Fills

For 3 L we can boost Oxygen to 232 Bar.

Cost is 1.2 pence per litre, you only pay for the actual amount put in, not the final pressure.

Helium/Trimix/Heliair Fills

Currently filling is done by the partial pressure blending method, however we are looking to have a bank of premixed heliair once we have established a common mix, e-mail with preferences here -  Gas mix preference

Cost is 1.8 pence per  litre + air fill.

 Argon Fills

Boosted to 200 Bar

Cost is 1.6 pence per litre.

 Nitrox Fills

Filling by partial pressure.

Cost is the Oxygen + air fill

 Air Fills - to the usual Phil's standards :-)

232 Bar

15l - 3.50

12L - 3.00

7/10L - 2.50

3L - 2.00

300 Bar

12L - 4.00

7/10L - 3.50

3L - 3.00